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6-Step Lawn Care

Includes Free Service Calls for Weed Spot Spraying & Lawn Issue Diagnosis
Each Step delivers proper nutrient levels for turf health, color and root development. Crabgrass control is applied in the spring and broadleaf weed control is used throughout the program for control of dandelions, clover, thistle and other broadleaf weeds. Turf-feeding insects are controlled with a mid-season application of surface insecticide.

Our 6-Step Program Improves Growing Conditions In All Soil Types
Our Lawn Programs contains biodegradable additives for healthier soil and enhanced root development.

Developing New Lawns

Settling into your new home takes time, and so does establishing your new lawn. This program is designed to meet the needs of your newly developing lawn with all the essentials included in the 6-Step Lawn Care Program and the addition of core aeration and overseeding, and soil supplements to improve growing conditions.

Organic Lawn Care

Our organic-based program delivers nutrients derived from composted chicken manure and a variety of beneficial fungi, bacteria and amino acids to enhance root development and soil condition. This program is herbicide free, therefore you will have weeds in your lawn. Should you decide to reduce the weeds, we can easily substitute one of our traditional lawn care steps containing weed control. 

Core Aeration

Core Aeration is the mechanical process of pulling soil plugs from the ground to give oxygen, nutrients and water access to the lawn’s root system.  No matter the status of your lawn, core aeration is a beneficial treatment that improves the overall health and appearance of your lawn by breaking up compact soils. reducing thatch build up, and promotes healthy roots for a healthy lawn.

Grub Control

Annual treatment to prevent root damage caused by an overpopulation of white grubs.

Overseeding Options

We offer a variety of overseeing options. Contact us for details.

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