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Your landscape adds beauty and value to your home, and healthy trees and shrubs benefit the environment by removing pollutants from the air and creating habits for birds and beneficial insects. Our 5-Step Tree & Shrub Care Program is designed to be as unique as your landscape and includes Deep Root Fertilization, 2 Disease & Insect Control treatments and 1 Fall Oil or Winter Anti-Desiccant.
You feed your grass. Shouldn't you be feeding your valuable trees and shrubs as well? An annual deep root fertilization will noticeably improve the health and growth of your landscape. Healthier trees and shrubs can more effectively ward off, or recover from, insect and disease infestations and are more likely to survive the extremes of our Indiana weather. 

HOLGANIX™ is a plant-based bio-nutritional supplement, using natural ingredients including plant-based compost tea, hummates, mychorrhizae and brewer’s yeast. Holganix builds up the microbiological life around trees and shrubs, supporting healthy root development and greater nutrient uptake from the soil. Made with natural botanical and essential oils, Holganix helps suppress disease and insect damage, resulting in healthier, more robust trees and shrubs. Using Holganix to supplement traditional fertilizers means fewer nitrates, phosphates, and other chemicals are released into the environment.

Your landscape consists of a variety of trees and shrubs, so the need for disease and insect control will vary from property to property. The Greenskeeper provides you with a complete analysis of your landscape and will recommend treatments to maintain the health of your landscape. We also diagnose problems in the landscape and recommend treatment as needed.

Evergreen plants do not drop their leaves or needles. Therefore, these plants continuously aspire moisture throughout the winter. A December application of Anti-Dessicant made to evergreen shrubs enable the plants to retain moisture over winter.

Why not deciduous plants?
As part of their natural growing process trees and shrubs aspire, or release moisture, through their leaves. Deciduous plants lose their leaves at the end of each growing season and go dormant during the winter.
Insect Control for EAB, Scale, Bag Worms, Aphids, Mites, Borers, Japanese Beetles
Disease Control for Apple Scab, Needle Cast, Powdery Mildew, Rust